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Amazon rainforest - tipping point as early as 15 years time

It is naive to think that we can cut down the rainforests, which help keep the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide in balance, without consequences. Yet this is exactly what has been happening and continues to happen.

According to a recent REPORT BY WWF in as little as 22 years almost 60% of the Amazon rainforest could be wipped out or severely damaged. This damage equates to upto 96.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide being realeased into the atmosphere [equivalent to nearly 1o years of current global, annual human induced carbon emissions], causing a speeding up of global warming. What is also worrying is that this lost will reduce the amount of rainfall exacerbating the problem.

The report also suggest that if we do nothing about it, within 15 years whatever we do may not undo the damage.

Make your own decisions by reading the articles HERE. Find out how much carbon dioxide you are putting into the atmosphere, using this calculator HERE. Some leading scientists believe climate change is unavoidable, read more HERE.

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