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Choosing the right course...

Perhaps you're thinking about which subject to choose at A-level or whether or not it will be worth studying further. You are not alone! People from all ages and backgrounds have asked or will asking the same questions. Many have decided to continue into further educationn in order to enter higher education, and for a variety of other reasons. Below are some of them.

Enhancing Career Prospects: Research suggests that, on average graduates earn around 64% more than non-graduates (about 1/4 of a million pounds over a life-time), and are more likely to be employed than non-graduates.

Developing Skills and Subject Knowledge: Along with acquiring specialised subject knowledge, undergraduates also develop and enhance other skills - perhaps this entails essay and report writing, time management skills, or information gathering.

Personal Growth and Satisfaction: For many students, the higher education experience has bought about a greater feeling of independence, self-discipline and growing confidence. Others have described the experience as one of personal growth and satisfaction. For most, it is about realising your full potential.

University Lifestyle: Most students manage to balance the demands of study with an active social life. Many find that they make life-long friends whilst studying, and from the first week's Freshers' Fayre, you become aware of the array of societies and sporting activities that are available at the University.

But all of this is no good if you dont know which course to take at college, so here are some websites which should help:


Finding out what A-levels are required by the university which you want to go to, for the course which you want to do, should help put things into perspective and give you something to work towards.

Good luck.

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