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Have you ever wondered what causes days, nights, or the seasons? Wondered why the Sun rises in the East and set in the west... Why the days are shorter during the Winter and longer during the Summer... Find out about the seasons here and day/night here

Take a virtual trip into space here.

For those of you that were wondering:

The circumference of the Earth at the equator is 25,000 miles. The Earth rotates in about 24 hours. Therefore, if you were to hang above the surface of the Earth at the equator without moving, you would see 25,000 miles pass by in 24 hours, at a speed of 25000/24 or just over 1000 miles per hour. So, you are 'spinning at over 1000 miles per hour. If you thought that was fast. The Earth is also moving around the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.

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