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How does an ice cube melt?

You may argue that with global warming and climate change reaching 'crisis point', we should be more worried about that, instead of things like... 'How does an ice cube melt?' However, these two things have more in common than you think! Global warming leads to climate change which leads to glaciers (large bodies of ice) melting. Move the mouse cursor over the picture below to see how water molecules behave in the solid, liquid, and gaseous form.

Draw a poster that explains why an ice cube melts when left out of the freezer. Use the Big Idea of Particles to explain why the ice cube melts.

Include the following ideas: boiling, compressible, conservation of mass, density, energy, evaporating, fixed, forces between particles, freezing, gas, liquid, melting, moving randomly, particles, solid, solidification, states of matter, temperature, vibrating. Use these websites to help you: bbc bitesize

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