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Is it right to make drivers of 4x4 pay more road tax?

It is common belief that bigger cars causes more polution, but is this really the truth? If it isn't, then is it fair that drivers of less polluting cars are made to pay more road tax than those that are more polluting?

I used THIS WEBSITE to see how much grams of carbon dioxide my Smart ForFour produced per kilometre (g/km) and found it to be 159 g/km. How does this compare to Ford Focus of similar performance? To my suprise, the Ford Focus produces 212 g/km! A Honda CRV (4x4) produces 229 g/km, which is higher than both the hatch backs.... but I am hoping to get a Ferrari Enzo as my next car, so I checked to see how much CO2 it produced per kilometre of travel and found it to be 545 g/km! Hmmm.... perhaps not then!

How does your car(s) compare?

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