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Salicylic Acid and Aspirin

PART 1: Describe how salicylic acid is manufactured from phenol.

1) State the reagents fo convert phenol to sodium phenoxide (C6H5O-Na+)
2) Write the balanced equation for the formation of sodium phenoxide
3) Describe how the phenoxide ion is used to form the salicylate ion
4) Draw the detailed mechanism for the electrophilic substitution using CO2 as the electrophile.
5) State the final process in the formation of salicylic acid

PART 2: Describe how salycylic acid is used to manufacure Aspirin

1) Describe in detail, using equation and mechanism, how salicylic acid is used to manufacture aspirin.

PART X: Describe what is done to achieve maximum yield during the manufacturing process.

The following search strings may help: Kolbe synthesis; Kolbe-Schmitt reaction

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