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Thinking, Braking, and Stopping distances

"Driving today is not what it used to be. The roads are more crowded with traffic and everyone seems to be in so much of a hurry to reach their destination.

On top of that, the success of online shopping is causing van traffic to be higher than ever, and medical advances are helping our senior citizens to live - and drive - for longer.

So to meet the modern day challenge of keeping us all safe on the road, THINK! is campaigning to contribute to the Government's objective of reducing road deaths and serious injuries by 40 per cent (50 per cent for children) by the year 2010. Use THIS WEBSITE to see the various campaigns that relate to driving - Speed: urban and rural, Drink driving, New drivers, Older drivers, Driving for work and Horse sense - and also find some useful advice and tips on how to be a safer driver." http://think.dft.gov.uk (March 2010)

Make sure that you don't become another statistic but are ROAD SMART! View more Road Safety Ads HERE.

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