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Science Jobs of the future!

What science related jobs could you be doing when you leave school as a result of advances in science? What do you think the jobs below involve?

1. Body part maker 2. Nano-medic 3. Pharmer of genetically engineered crops and livestock 4. Old age wellness manager/consultant 5. Memory augmentation surgeon 6. ‘New science’ ethicist 7. Space pilots, tour guides and architects 8. Vertical farmers 9. Climate change reversal specialist 10. Quarantine enforcer 11. Weather modification police 12. Virtual lawyer 13. Avatar manager/devotees/virtual teachers 14. Alternative vehicle developers 15. Narrowcasters 16. Waste data handler 17. Virtual clutter organiser 18. Time broker/Time bank trader 19. Social 'networking' worker 20. Personal branders.

to find out more about these jobs, or CLICK HERE if you have more times on your hands.

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