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BTEC Assignment 1 - The Gene Code

You are working for the Sanger Institute as a public liaison officer and have been asked to create a leaflet explaining to KS4 students how the genetic code controls the structure and function of cells and organs and systems within the human body.

Describe the structure of DNA and explain what genes are
• Give examples of inherited characteristics
Show, using punette squares, how these inherited characteristics are passed on.

Describe, using scientific language what variation is. Give two examples.
• Choose one organism and with reference to diagrams show how that organism has evolved.
Explain, referring to genetic crosses and a given example, how variation leads to evolution

Explain what a mutation is, give an example.
• Referring to genetic code, explain how a mutation can affect the physical structure of an organism.
• Give examples of where the genetic code could be used to create a designer organism.

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