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Investigating and communicating energy transformations

Scenario: You are the customer liaison officer for NPower. You have been asked to collate information and create a presentation for customers explaining to them where their electrical energy comes from and the different forms and transformations of energy there are. You have also been asked to include information to guide customers on how to calculate the efficiency of appliances and energy conversions in their home and explain the impact this has on the environment.

Background information:
The presentation that you create must comprise of a leaflet, a written report, calculations and finally a peer assessed presentation to your colleagues. The work included must be in your own words and any resources must be referenced. The presentations will be carried out to small peer groups. As your work is for the benefit of the public it must explain all ideas clearly, but without losing any of the higher level scientific ideas.

Pass: (using the task sheets given)
  • Give examples to help explain this to your customers. Carry out the practical work that demonstrates how various types of energy can be transferred.
  • Write a brief description of how you carried it out.
  • Using the task sheet given, calculate the energy efficiency of the four examples that you gave, or the transfers investigated.
  • Draw energy flow diagrams to show at least 4 energy transfers and relate it to household items.
  • Use your calculations from P2 to create a leaflet explaining to the public how to carry out the calculation and explain the importance of knowing the efficiency of household items.


  • Explain how energy losses due to energy transformations in the home or workplace can be minimised to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Using the internet research energy saving devices that can be used in the home and workplace.
  • Include this information in your presentation and discuss how much the devices cost to set up and how much they can save in a set period of time i.e. a year. 
  • Explain how saving energy can have a positive impact on the environment, you may wish to refer to the climate change adverts that ITV showed during spring 2010, or create your own advert, alongside your presentation.

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