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Mar 2012: 360 Science - Chemistry Past Papers and Mark Schemes

March 2012 - Unit C1A - Question paper
Unit C1A - Science 5007/Chemistry 5035
PDF (1 MB)

March 2012 - Unit C1B - Question paper
Unit C1B - Science 5008/Chemistry 5036
PDF (1 MB)

March 2012 - Multiple Choice C2 Question paper
Unit C2 - Additional Science 5017/Chemistry 5037
PDF (1 MB)

March 2012 - Structured 1F C2 Question paper
Structured 1F C2 - Additional Science 5018F/Chemistry 5038F
PDF (1 MB)

March 2012 - Structured 1H C2 Question paper
Structured 1H C2 - Additional Science 5018H/Chemistry 5038H
PDF (1 MB)


Anonymous said...

i think there is a mistake on the C2 mc mark scheme march 2012 as C2H4 definitely turns bromine water colourless as it is an unsaturated alkene.

Anonymous said...

The C2 mc mark scheme is correct. The answer for question 35 is "D". C2H4 is an unsaturated hydrocarbon, an alkene called ethene, which has a C=C that allows for the addition of Br2.

On shaking ORANGE bromine water with anunsaturated hydrocarbon, the bromine water is DECOLOURISED (becomes colourless).

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