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Energy and Our Universe, Assignment 1

Understanding Ionising Radiation, its uses and sources

2A.P1 Describe half-life in terms of radioactive decay.
2A.P2 Describe the different types of ionising radiation.
2A.P3 Describe the problems associated with the use of radioactive isotopes.
2A.P4 Describe how controllable nuclear fission and fusion reactions are.
2A.M1 Use graphs to explain radioactive decay and half-life.
2A.M2 Compare the benefits and drawbacks of using radioactive isotopes in the home or workplace.
2A.M3 Describe the environmental impact of radioactive material from nuclear fission reactors released into the environment.
2A.D1 Calculate the half-life of radioactive isotopes.
2A.D2 Justify the selection of a radioactive isotope for a given use within the home or workplace.
2A.D3 Evaluate the environmental impacts of a nuclear fission reactor accident, in terms of half-life.

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