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Foundation chemistry - What have you learnt?

Evaluate and Summarise what you have learnt from your first alevel chemistry unit in a PowerPoint presentation.

P35-42 of specification
5.1.1 Atoms, Molecules and Stoichiometry
5.1.2 Atomic Structure
5.1.3 Chemical Bonding and Structure
5.1.4 The Periodic Table: Introduction
5.1.5 The Periodic Table: The Group 2 elements and their compounds
5.1.6 The Periodic Table: The Group 7 elements and their compounds

Hints: K.I.S.S [keep it simple, stupid]

1) The End - start with the end in sight. You are asked to share what you have learnt, not what the specification or your textbooks say - your audience have access to both. What three most important points would you like your audience to remember by the end of your presentation? - Make sure you share this with your audience at the begining of your presentation.
3) Summarise - do not fall into the trap that you have to tell your audience everything for them to understand the topic - remember that they too have studied the same topics as you! Use bullet points, choose a sensible font and font size (e.g. arial, 22 points).
4) Structure - if you are uncertain of what you are presenting, don't expect your audience to understand you. Make sure you know what is on each slide and what you are going to say when each slide comes up!
5) So what?! - it is quality, not quantity which is important. No amount of animation, colour, or media content will make up for poor quality content! Chose a sensible slide and colour theme and stick with it (e.g. blue background, yellow font).
6) The End - Remind the audience of those three points that you wanted to get across to them.

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