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Photosynthesis - Why is it important?

"Ignorance is bliss!" Why? Well, if you don't know about something then you don't have to worry about it... Unfortunately, ignorance often land us in trouble. As a species, we have put ourselves on a pedestal - proclaiming ourselves to be superior to all other species, destroying both plant and animal life in he process. However, some people believe that all living and non-living things on Earth work together to keep the Earth stable - helping to promote life [Gaia Hypothesis]. One such example is the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals:

Plant photosynthesis produce oxygen, which animals use during respiration [not to mention the fact that they are a valuable food source]. Learn about photosynthesis HERE and HERE. Find out how plants are adapted to survive different environments HERE.

Respiring animals produce carbon dioxide, which plants use during photosynthesis. Revise respiration HERE.

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