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Interdependence, energy chain, and food web

• Define interdependence and give examples to model what it is.
Create energy chains to show 'simple interactions’ within the site.
• Create one large, detailed web to show the majority of interactions that occur in the chosen site. (arrows labelled, diagrams, arrows in correct directions, organisms used are from the chosen site)

• Label the web with notes on feeding relationships.
• Create a table showing the trophic levels and types of feeding relationships in the chosen site. (herbivores, omnivores, detritivores, producers, consumers, predator, prey etc)
• Explain, using examples from the web, what happens to at least four organisms when one organisms population increases or decreases.

• Relating to the genetic code and variation, explain how the variations in the organisms from your chosen site have come about and suggest how this may have affected or been affected by feeding relationships through time.

Animations that may help:


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