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Unit 3 Assignment 4 – Human Interaction with the Environment

Scenario: You are working for Hertfordshire County Council as an environmental consultant and have been asked to produce a report on how the recent human population increase in the county has affected conservation sites within the county and the diversity of organisms within it.

Background information
Your report needs to look professional. Give your department a name and a clear objective for the report. You must include information on a real conservation site in the county, and if possible, include relevant data on human population growth; explaining how this affects the diversity of the area. You must then include qualitative and quantitative data/charts relating to the organisms in the conservation site and use this data to explain and describe the human impact.

• Define diversity
• Give a named conservation site in the county
• Simply present data on the human population change in or near the site
• Simply present data on the organisms diversity and population change in the site
• Briefly state how humans may have affected the diversity in your chosen conservation sites

• Collect data on population changes in and around the conservation site and describe how the data was collected.
• State whether the data gathered is primary or secondary and state sources of evidence.
• Describe at least two other methods which could be used to measure the effect of human activity.
• Give examples of there your chosen methods could be used.

• Referring to all data collected; explain how the human impact could be minimised in the future.
• State methods that would be suitable for your conservation site.
• State methods that would be useful on a global scale.
• Write a brief summary statement explaining why your chosen area needs to be conserved and refer to any endangered or rare species in the area that need protecting.

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