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Unit 3 Assignment 5 – The effect of various factors on Human Health

Scenario: You are a researcher for Lloyds Chemist looking at factors affecting human health. You have been asked to create an info-mercial explaining to the public how they can stay healthy and what the modern day issues are affecting their health. It should be aimed at the 16 to 36 age group.

Background information
Your info-mercial can be presented as a speech, video clip, or animated cartoon. It may include other members of the class but has to be your own work. The piece needs to include information about the internal factors, i.e. the immune system and external factors, i.e. lifestyle, and how these affect a person’s health. Aim the work at the 16 to 36 population. To do this, identify health problems which affect people of this age group. In the work you need to explain and describe to the audience why and how genetics, social interaction and microbes can affect them and the people around them.

• Describe how the body’s immune system works.
• Describe the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of defence.
• Choose one specific inherited illness and one microbe based illness that affects the immune system and describe them.
• Describe how environment, wealth, diet and habits can affect a person's health.
• Give one example of an external factor that can affect a person's health.

• Explain how your chosen internal and external factors affect the body.
• State how each one causes ill health
• Use diagrams, images or role play to describe and explain systems

• Describe how your chosen illnesses affect a persons life with regards to: a)friendships, b)relationships, c)finance, d)mobility, e)self-esteem, f)life expectancy.
• Briefly state how an individual can avoid or control the illnesses selected.

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